Manufacturers increase production, supply and demand slow down, and TV OLED panel prices keep falling

April 20, 2022

As panel factories continued to increase production and supply and demand slowed down, the price of OLED panels for TV kept falling. The price shrank for the third consecutive quarter in the last quarter (January-March), and it is expected that the price may continue to fall in the future.

Nikkei reported on the 12th that the price of large-size OLED panels for TVs fell further due to the continuous increase in production of panel factories and the slowdown in supply and demand. December) fell 4-5%, the third consecutive quarter of contraction.

Panel makers and TV makers usually negotiate and finalize prices on a quarterly basis. From January to March, the wholesale price of OLED panels for 65-inch TVs, which is an indicator product, fell by 5% (down $40) to around $765 per piece, and the 55-inch product with the largest circulation also fell by 4% (down $40) from the previous quarter. $19) to around $456 per tablet, both for the third consecutive quarter of declines.

According to reports, LG Display (LGD), which holds most of the market share of OLED panels for TVs, has continued to increase production since the summer of 2020. Although global demand is stable, supply growth seems to be higher than demand. According to the US research firm DSCC, the panel factory utilization rate (capacity utilization rate) was 81% from January to March.

Due to the war in Russia and Ukraine, the demand for TV in the two countries is likely to shrink. DSCC Asia representative Tamura Yoshio said, "The period from April to June (the price of TV OLED panels) may continue to decline."