Display principle of LCD panel

March 28, 2022

          We all know that a liquid crystal display is mostly composed of a driver board, a power board, a high-voltage board and a liquid crystal panel. The driver board is like a person's "brain", which governs the expression of people's language and behavior. Its function is to control the normal operation of the LCD panel by accepting and processing external image signals and outputting driving signals. Today, I will show you how the LCD panel works.

          The principle of liquid crystal display: the electric field is applied to the liquid crystal to change the refraction phenomenon of the liquid crystal, and the polarizer is used to determine the path of light, thereby producing colorful images.


         The liquid crystal panel is composed of liquid crystal, polarizer, filter and glass substrate. In the absence of an external electric field, the liquid crystal molecules move randomly. But if under the action of an external electric field, the liquid crystal molecules will be "forced" to show a regular arrangement, rather than the previous random motion. The light enters the liquid crystal layer through the polarizing plate, and the phenomenon of light refraction occurs, thereby displaying the image.


         The main function of the drive board is to control the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules through the constantly changing electrical signal, which in turn affects the refraction path of the light, thereby presenting different pictures.


         Therefore, as the most important accessory of the LCD panel, the role of the driver board is self-evident.