Causes and solutions of computer monitor flickering screen

April 2, 2022

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1. If you are playing games, the monitor flashing screen often appears
Then it may be related to the game or computer configuration. For example, the configuration is too low to meet the needs of the game. You might as well quit the game to see if the screen flicker disappears. If the screen does not flicker when you don’t play the game, then it can basically be said to be a game problem. You can consider Update the graphics card driver or do not play the game.
2. The computer often has a splash screen after using it for a period of time
For this situation, the editor has encountered a lot. The most likely problem is the display power module. Of course, it is not ruled out that such problems are caused by the aging of the internal components of the display. In this case, if there is a power supply, you can Try another one, if not, it is recommended to take it for maintenance to avoid more serious display problems later.
3, graphics card driver or graphics card by the problem
The graphics card is the core of the computer graphics display. When the display is abnormal, it may be related to the graphics card. If the display is flickering, you may wish to update the graphics card driver first, preferably to the latest version to try. If it doesn't work, then consider whether there is a problem with the graphics card.
4. Display problem
If there is a problem with the monitor itself, it can also cause the computer monitor to flicker.

According to the above four situations, friends who have the conditions may wish to use the substitution method to test, and the problem can generally be found.
The following are some of the reasons and solutions for the display flickering screen summarized by some computer maintenance personnel. You can also refer to the following:
1. When the computer is just turned on, the screen of the monitor is very shaken, and sometimes even the icons and text are not clear, but it will return to normal after a minute or two.
This phenomenon mostly occurs in humid weather, because the inside of the display gets damp. To solve this problem completely, use the moisture-proof sand in the food packaging to string it with cotton thread, then open the back cover of the monitor, and hang the moisture-proof sand on the end of the tube neck of the picture tube near the tube seat. In this way, even in wet weather, the above "problems" will not appear again.
2. After the computer is turned on, the monitor only hears the sound but does not see the picture, and it is pitch black. It takes more than a few minutes for the screen to appear.
This is not due to dampness inside the monitor, but due to the leakage of the picture tube socket, and the tube socket must be replaced. The method is: after disassembling the back cover, you can see a small circuit board at the tail of the picture tube, and the tube seat is welded on the circuit board. Carefully unplug the board, solder the header, go to the electronics store and buy an identical header, and solder the header back to the board. At this time, don't rush to put the circuit board back, first find a small piece of 0# sandpaper, and carefully wipe the pins protruding from the rear of the picture tube with sandpaper. In particular, pay attention to the oxide layer on the pins. If you don't wipe it cleanly, the old disease will soon relapse. Alright, put the board back in and you're done.