What are the main features of the IPS panel

January 8, 2017

Flat-panel TV manufacturers have launched "dynamic HD", "smart light", "free HD color", "full mode HD DIGITAL TV all-in-one" and other selling points, with differentiated advantages to trigger a new round of market share competition.

Another major branch of technology is IPS panels, often referred to as hard screens. The panel is jointly invested by Philips and LG (LPL). Later, philips withdrew from the IPS production line due to the company's transformation and r&d focus on healthcare, lighting and other fields. It was basically backed by the LG family and officially renamed LG Display (LGD).

The main feature of the IPS panel is that it has two electrodes on the same surface, while the other liquid crystal mode electrodes are arranged in three dimensions on the top and bottom sides. The technique optimizes the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules by horizontal arrangement. When confronted with external pressure, the molecular structure sinks slightly, but the overall molecule remains horizontal. Under the action of external forces, the firmness and stability of the molecular structure of the hard LCD screen are far better than that of the soft screen! Therefore, it will not produce picture distortion, affect the picture color, can maximize the protection of the picture effect is not damaged. There is also an S-IPS panel, which is an improved type of IPS.

LCD panel of IPS hard screen technology not only has certain advantages of durability and easy cleaning, but also leads VA soft screen in functional parameters and performance indicators. Response time has always been a disadvantage of LCD TV, but with the continuous progress of LCD technology, the screen tail problem of LCD TV has been solved in IPS panel. The advantage of the IPS panel's short response time enables it to display clearer images in dynamic images. In addition, compared with VA soft screen, IPS panel also has the advantages of accurate color reproduction and prominent black expression.