Type of LCD

March 14, 2017

Industrial LCD screen: LCD screen of industrial control equipment [distinguished from its application requirements]

In fact, there is no such title in academic articles, but in the application process, we can meet the application requirements of LCD screen in harsh environment (high temperature, low temperature, high light, etc.). Mainly refers to those with a wide temperature (working temperature in -30-+80 degrees Celsius above), high brightness (brightness in 400 lumens above, can work well under strong light) of the LCD screen. Mainly used in instrumentation, communication equipment, gold card engineering and other fields.

Analog LCD screen is divided into drive circuit board, analog screen and digital screen. The above analog and digital data for the LCD drive circuit board.
Good LCDS use both digital and analog drive circuits (that is, they have both DVI and D-SUB interfaces). Due to cost control, some low-cost LCDS use only analog drive circuits (only one interface is d-sub).

Analog and digital screens are no different on the screen itself. The main difference is the circuit.

All pixels added to the LCD screen are digital signals. At the edge of the screen, there are many lines of drive ics, known as drives. The circuit board behind the screen is mostly the controller. The controller converts the received signal into a drive signal that meets the timing requirements of the driver and sends it to the driver to light the corresponding pixel.

Analog screens and digital screens are the same in this writing section, with the main difference being input.

Digital screen directly input digital signals, RGB each color signal by the video processing circuit into A number of digital signals, direct input to the screen control driver, in the front circuit to complete A/D conversion.
The analog screen input is three-color analog signal input, and its A /D conversion is completed in the LCD screen circuit.

In analog signal transmission, the signal will be affected by the surrounding interference, affecting the transmission effect.

Digital signal transmission, transmission signal is more stable, better effect.