This section describes how to clean LCD panels

February 12, 2017

When cleaning the LCD screen, do not wipe the screen surface with alkaline or chemical solution. There are two types of stains on LCD panels. One is the accumulation of dust in the air over time. One is fingerprints and grease inadvertently left by users. Many people have misunderstandings when cleaning LCD screens. Home appliance experts warn that liquid crystal displays (LCDS) can be damaged to some extent if such details are not paid attention to. 1. Wipe the display with a soft cloth or paper towel. Do not wipe the LCD with a soft cloth (such as an eyewear cloth) or a tissue. For soft LCD, its surface is too rough, easy to scratch delicate LCD. 2. Clean the LCD with clean water. When using clear water, liquid can easily drip into LCD screen, causing short circuit of equipment and burning out expensive electronic equipment. 3. Clean the LCD with alcohol or other chemical solvent. LCD screens are coated with special coatings. Once using alcohol to wipe the display screen, it will cause the special coating to dissolve and have a negative impact on the display effect.