The world's largest single-unit ultra-wide polarizer base was put into production in Fuzhou

September 28, 2022

Core Tip: On September 27, the Hengmei Polarizer Intelligent Manufacturing Factory, the world's largest single-scale ultra-wide polarizer project with a total investment of 4.2 billion yuan, was put into production in Fuzhou, marking the most core component of optoelectronic materials "polarizer". "Officially produced in Fujian.
On September 27th, with a total investment of 4.2 billion yuan, the world's largest single-scale ultra-wide polarizer project - Hengmei Polarizer Intelligent Manufacturing Factory was put into operation in Fuzhou, marking the official launch of the "polarizer", the core component of optoelectronic materials. Made in Fujian.

"Polarizer is an important raw material for display panels. It has a complex structure and many production processes. It is known as the 'chip' of the optical industry. It is a capital-intensive industry with a high technical threshold." Hengmei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is responsible for According to the person, from a global perspective, since foreign manufacturers entered the display market earlier, accumulated a relatively complete patent chain, and formed a considerable industrial scale, the polarizer technology is controlled by foreign manufacturers, and related industries have also long-term dependence. abroad. The production of Hengmei polarizer will change this passive situation, and it will also play a role in strengthening the chain and extending the chain for Fuzhou's electronic information industry.
According to reports, the project is located in Fumi Industrial Park, Fuzhou (Changle) International Aviation City. It has two 8K ultra-high-definition polarizer production lines with a maximum width of 2.6 meters, which can supply a maximum 110-inch interactive display screen with an annual production capacity of 9,000 10,000 square meters, with an estimated annual output value of 5.8 billion yuan, which will change the situation that domestic optoelectronic materials are "stuck" by foreign related industries, realize "Made in China", and help Fuzhou's new display industry become bigger and stronger.

In August last year, Fuzhou City issued the "Working Plan on Implementing the Industrial Chain Length System", focusing on 16 key industrial chains such as new displays, and creating a number of industrial clusters and industrial bases with Fuzhou characteristics and influential at home and abroad. As a key project in Fujian Province and the "big leader" of the new display industry chain in Fuzhou, the Hengmei polarizer project has become the first project to start construction and the first project to be completed and put into production after more than a year of construction in the new display standardization park in Fuzhou New District.

"The new display is an important part of the electronic information industry, but the existing new display enterprises in Fuzhou are all downstream enterprises. As an upstream enterprise, Hengmei Polaroid Smart Factory will improve the new display industry chain in the middle and downstream of Fuzhou, and provide downstream enterprises nearby. Downstream enterprises can 'take materials locally' at their doorstep, reduce the transportation cost of materials, improve the efficiency of the industrial supply chain, and thus enhance the market competitiveness of products." said the person in charge of Hengmei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
It is understood that before the Hengmei polarizer project was put into production, the Fumi SMD project with an investment of 2.5 billion yuan, the module project with an investment of 1 billion yuan, and well-known domestic machine manufacturers have landed in the Fumi Industrial Park. 30 years ago, TPV Electronics was put into production in Fuqing City, which opened the prelude to the display industry in Fujian; in 2015, BOE's Fuzhou production line was officially put into operation, which further promoted the transformation and upgrading of Fuzhou's electronic information industry. Today, as another major new display industry project in Fuzhou, Fumi Hengmei Industrial Park with a total investment of 22 billion yuan and an annual output value of 40 billion yuan is making every effort to build an application-oriented terminal industry with new display and third-generation semiconductor basic materials as the core Ecology will lead Fuzhou's new display industry to improve in quality and speed, and inject new momentum into the development of Fuzhou's strategic emerging industries.
Fumi Hengmei Industrial Park is committed to building a display town of 10,000 people and building an industrial cluster of 100 billion yuan. Currently, it is grasping the characteristics of industrial chain synergy and planning to generate three major projects: Hengmei Optoelectronics Polarizer, Fumi SMD, and Jinrui Display Module. After the three major projects are all put into production, it will have the world's largest single-scale polarizer production base, the world's first module factory supporting polarizer companies, and the world's first display industry base from materials to terminals, which will become a domestic industry. The optoelectronic industry base with the most complete chain and the most concentrated industrial elements. "The relevant person in charge of Fumi Hengmei Industrial Park said.

According to reports, in the next five years, Hengmei Optoelectronics Group will build 135 million square meters of polarizers and 170 million square meters of supporting film materials in four production bases in Fuzhou, Kunshan, Hefei and Danyang. The total production capacity of polarizers will exceed 280 million square meters. rice, accounting for more than 30% of the world's total production capacity.

At the commissioning ceremony on the same day, Bank of China, Industrial Bank and Haosheng Group, Hengmei Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement between banks and enterprises, as well as a number of upstream and downstream projects in the industrial chain. A forum on technological innovation in the display industry was also held.