The HD LCD screen is more perfect to meet the visual needs of all people

January 3, 2017

The high-definition performance of hd LCD will meet all the requirements of home theater, and is also the highest enjoyment of office entertainment. Hd LCD has a 16:9 golden display ratio, and the current hd entertainment movies, games and other movie sources match, maintain a 1:1 ratio. The display is more perfect, without annoying black edges or 16:10 widescreen LCDS, which often suffer from stretching and distortion, and image restoration is the most realistic. Meet the visual needs of all.

For users, large and wide screens are the inevitable trend of desktop display devices. In addition to the 16:9 full HD ratio, HD LCD monitors also have a field of view, which is also in line with this trend. At the same time, in line with the design concept of humanized application, the HD LCD screen image is clear and lifelike, the picture is dynamic and smooth, forming a strong visual impact, bringing users unimaginable visual enjoyment. At the same time, it has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and humanized design. The use of lead and mercury free manufacturing, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, so that users do not contain toxic substances in the entertainment, healthy entertainment every day.

Hd LCD mainly emphasizes hd resolution, active 3D technology, multi-touch technology, intelligent dynamic backlight technology, ultra-high brightness, ultra-high color gamot and a series of specifications have reached the highest technical level in the industry. The square of the area is also larger. Hd LCD also achieved three technological breakthroughs, namely high-end exposure technology, large bias technology and advanced backlight technology. It can give consumers a completely different experience from the traditional LCD display.

In short, the basic principle that the display can be displayed is that two parallel plates are filled with liquid crystal material, and a voltage is used to change the arrangement of molecules in the liquid crystal display material to achieve the purpose of shading and transmit light display depth. For one thing, the image is jagged, and a high-definition color image can be displayed by placing a tri-color filter between the two plates.