Principle and structure of liquid crystal display

February 15, 2017

Many things in life are displayed on the LCD screen Life, work and entertainment are inseparable from LCD. But how many people know the working principle and internal structure of LCD? Today, the editor of Han Hang will give you a brief introduction!


Principle of liquid crystal display


The working principle of LCD is very simple The LCD can display the liquid crystal material filled between two parallel plates, Then, the molecular arrangement in the liquid crystal material is changed according to the stress to achieve the purpose of shielding and light transmission. In order to display images with different tones and cross patterns, if three values are added between the two panels, a color image can be displayed.


Liquid crystal structure


In fact, every day we can see a glass plate on the LCD screen. This glass plate requires a very high voltage Float glass method must be used The surface should be flat, but also thin. The surface of the glass plate shall be coated with India or tin with conductivity and oxidation, and shall be transparent. This is a liquid crystal display film The outer lead of the glass plate shall be welded by special welding method, using conductive tape or conductive tape rubber, and We know tin brazing. The glass plate is a very precise part It will only cause a little damage, and the glass plate will be discarded. Therefore, its internal structure is complex and subtle.