How to distinguish LED LIQUID crystal display materials

January 22, 2017

In recent years, LED LIQUID crystal display market has maintained a rapid growth trend, but for users who just contact LED display, it is difficult to distinguish the true and false raw materials. Therefore, when users buy, they will consult many LED display manufacturers or engineering service providers. Each supplier to buy raw materials are not the same, so consumers must have basic common sense to distinguish LED LIQUID crystal display materials, so as not to let yourself cheated.


The core components of LED display, such as power supply, control system, wires and structure, are replaceable, but LED beads, circuit boards and drive chips cannot be replaced once they are integrated, just like THE LCD panel of a TV. If any one of these three LED displays has a serious quality problem, it means that the entire LED display is a substandard product. Therefore, in the process of purchase, be sure to identify the selected LED beads, driver chips, PCB boards!


When many LED display suppliers offer quotation solutions, users need to ask suppliers to be as specific as possible about the brand and parameters of the material. For example, LED display beads packaging manufacturers including China Star electricity, Jingtai photoelectric and other high-end products. CREE, Nichia, etc., should be listed in details in LED display quotation parameters. For example, driver chips such as Toshiba, Chichuang, Macroblock, Mingwei, etc., should also be reflected in LED display quotation. This is a way to identify the core components.


Users directly observe the display effect of LED display during inspection, and believe that this will buy satisfactory products. If the result is not good, the user can take a sample and send it to the designated supplier to confirm whether the LED display material conforms to the contract. Ask to buy, which will help protect their rights.