Heavy! The first film of China Star TV Open Cell in India is lit up, and the first line has mass production capacity

June 11, 2022

Latest company news about Heavy! The first film of China Star TV Open Cell in India is lit up, and the first line has mass production capacity

At 11:00 am Beijing time on June 3, 2022, China Star TV Open Cell in India was first lit up. The simple and solemn lighting ceremony was held in the India Huaxing Plant of TCL Industrial Park in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India.
India Huaxing was established in 2018, started construction in September 2019, and capped in December 2019. The initial plan is to have 5 TV Open Cell production lines with an annual production capacity of 8 million units. With the joint efforts of colleagues from Huaxing in India, the large-scale equipment has had many difficulties in customer service without any on-site support from suppliers, completed independent move-in and equipment installation and debugging, and realized the shipment of mobile phone panels to Samsung in March 2022. , the first TV Open Cell was lit up in June, and the first TV Open Cell production line has the capacity for mass production. The first line has a production capacity of 141K/month, and will complete the mass production of 2K TV Open Cell in June.
While the construction of TV Open Cell has made phased progress, China Star India joined the TCL sales office in India on June 6 to receive a total of 50 people from more than ten TV distributors to visit the China Star Factory in India. gained the confidence of TCL TV customers.
India Huaxing is the first and only manufacturer in India with a TV Open Cell production line. India Huaxing TV Open Cell will target all customers in the Indian market and provide customers with TV Open Cells of higher quality and more favorable prices. The introduction of TV Open Cell production technology to India for the first time has pioneering significance for TCL CSOT to lead the technology advancement and market occupation of the Indian electronics production industry. For the Indian market, it is the injection of fresh blood in the industry, welcoming new technologies, and realizing TV Open. A historic moment for Cell India to supply locally and reduce production costs in the industry.

India Huaxing is the first overseas factory of TCL Huaxing. Its main mission is to assume the role of an emerging market with India as the core, including from mobile phones to TVs, products in different application fields and different display technologies are sold through India Huaxing To achieve coverage of emerging markets with India as the core.
In the future, TCL CSOT will unswervingly promote the construction of the panel manufacturing industry chain, realize global intelligent manufacturing and global delivery, and effectively improve the level of serving global customers and partners.