Color resolution

March 6, 2017

When it comes to color, LCD is not as good as CRT. In theory, CRTS can display an infinite number of colors, just like television sets. LCD displays only about 260,000 colors. Most of the products claim to be able to display 16.77 million colors (16,777,216 colors, 32-bit). But in reality, they are all implemented by jitter algorithms. It's still a long way from true 32-bit color. As a result, it is still inferior to traditional CRTS in terms of color expressiveness and transition. Similarly, LCD displays are not as good as cathode ray displays in gray scale. If you can, you can compare yourself. Look for a 17-inch Terron CRT monitor. Displays a 15-inch LCD with 16.77 million color images. The CRT displays a very bright picture, while the LCD seems a bit "fake", although there is nothing wrong with it, but the CRT tube is not that nice and comfortable.