Boe has developed 5 AMQLED display products

January 31, 2017

Latest company news about Boe has developed 5 AMQLED display products

On March 10, BOE developed the 5-inch active electroluminescent quantum dot luminescent Display product (AMQLED), which is the key material and device research of quantum dot under the "Light Display Project" that BOE is responsible for. Different from LCD backlight which uses quantum dots to expand the color gamut, the product directly adopts quantum dot light-emitting device (QLED) prepared by inkjet printing process to achieve full color display, and the color gamut can reach more than 100%.


A quantum dot is a very small semiconductor crystal with only a few atoms. Quantum dots absorb light, and different colors of light can be achieved by controlling the size of the dots. Based on this characteristic, quantum dot technology is mainly applied in quantum dot backlight technology and active quantum dot light-emitting diode (AMQLED).


LCD TV products themselves can not emit light, need LED as backlight to realize the display, the market appeared earlier is quantum dot TV, is the use of quantum dot backlight LCD TV technology. Quantum dot backlight technology is to replace the traditional LED backlight with quantum dots and make LED backlight with quantum film. Compared with traditional LED-backlit TVS, the display color can be increased by more than 30%.


Compared with quantum dot backlight technology, active electroluminescent quantum dot light-emitting display (AMQLED) does not need backlight, but can make the quantum dot light-emitting display device by injecting current. The structure is similar to active organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED). In contrast, although different light, AMQLED light source is made of organic light-emitting material to inorganic quantum dot. However, compared with AMOLED, AMQLED is generally considered to have potential advantages of long service life, wide color gamut and low cost. It is widely believed that AMOLED post-display technology is more subversive, especially in the field of large-size active light display, which will have greater competitiveness.


At present, the development of quantum dot technology is still in its infancy. Insiders analyze that quantum dots will not only bring a disruptive upgrade to display technology, but also have broad application prospects in biological science, solar cells and other fields, and is one of the core technologies to change the direction of future development.